What Decides Your Design Cost!!!!

Interior Design is all about luxury and Feel in short Space Opulence .We want to stay in good house or work in a great enviornment or rather relax or entertain ourselves in such a vibe in our daily lives .

In Interior Design deciding upon the right cost is very important, which creates  lot of questions in our minds…so thought of putting my views across which may help out to understand where we can go overboard with our stipulated budget in making our house or office.

1  .Location and Area Of Space:

Doing interiors in an expensive locality will cost more compared to a less expensive locality, as the buildings in expensive localities also have their norms to do the work and very strict norms can shoot up the interior cost of the project.

we suggest to allocate the 10%-15% of the property cost  as the interior cost to get a good interiors which creates a presentable vibe of the space but if we want a luxurious space I believe the cost of interior budget should be between 25% to 40% .

2.  Scope Of Work:

It is very important to define your scope of work which include  demolition ,civil, plumbing ,false ceiling, electrical ,furniture and painting.

More site services like  demolition leakages old bathrooms comes up with unexpected costs which can be huge and may be not included in the budget so getting checked is always the best solution before planning the budegt.

There is also some hidden cost of grills,extensions,leakages, debris ,floor coverings and windows which should not be forgotton.

3. Type and Style Of Project

 Its very important to define and priorise whether its a renovation project or builders given shell.The complete renovation will involve a lot of cost as doing the civil part will be cumpulsory but on the other hand accepting the builders floor and toilets can reduce the cost upto great extent.

Design style also matters equally for eg.art deco or French woul cost much more compared to the Boho style.Yeah but some fusions and Alterations can always be worked upon.But more the customisations and details higher will be the cost

4.  Time Frame:

Working on  tight deadlines  may require additional funds or overtime pay for labor, which can increase the overall cost of the project

Working in night shifts also can affect the cost of the project.

5.   Materials:

Materials play a heroic role in setting up the budget. Like there are various qualities of ply, mdf’s and hdf’s for the base material similarly lot of variations in internal laminates  and n number of materials for external surfaces which decides upon the cost.

Deciding the right kind of materials is very important which may help out decide the right budget.I suggest here the expert advice would really help you out.

5.   Labour’s:

Real make and break hero’s of the project. There are varieties of labour’s available some work on very cheap rates and some are expensive I suggest here going by our pesonal references or with the opinion of designer is very important as the finishing of the project entirely depends upon their workmanship.

My style:I always go with expensive ones as I am assured of their services.

6.   Hiring an Interior Designer:

Hiring an Interior Designer can be little expensive to your pockets may be by 10%  of the total cost of your project but their eye for the detail can assure you with good quality delivery and it can also save on the breakages of materials and time which go in trial and error


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